Offshore sailing in a Bavaria?

One of the most asked questions we get at boat shows is, “Can you take these boats offshore?”

People ask this question, not because they have intentions of actually going offshore, they just want the reassurance that “if” they did go, would the boat carry their crew safely from port to port. People think that if a boat can sail offshore, then it must be well built.

Since we started importing Bavaria Yachts into North America in 1997, we have been asked this question too many times to remember. The answer has always been, “Of course!” Bavaria has always built their boats to the stringent Lloyds Offshore standards in many cases overbuilding the boats. In fact, the “kevlar” bow shield was an addition to gain extra protection in the event of hitting floating objects at sea. The hand laminated hull has a double laminate along the center line….the list goes on.

Bavaria not only engineers and builds good boats, they build good boats for good value.

val·ue noun 1.the regard that something is held to deserve; the importance, worth, or usefulness of something.

We invite you to open all the hatches, lockers and floorboards: look into every nook and cranny. You’ll see for yourself that the quality of fit and finish and presentation is all there.

Back to “Can you take these boats offshore?” The answer is “Of course!” In fact, three brand new Bavarias have just completed their transit from Europe to Brazil for the upcoming Rio Boat Show this April. New Bavaria 37, 46 and 56 Cruisers just completed the lengthy crossing safely and just in time to get them cleaned and readied for the show.

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Bavaria sails around the world…3 times!

They sold it all and did it all! Read about a cruising couple’s 7 year global sailing odyssey aboard their Bavaria 42 named EMPIRE. In 7 years, they sailed 64,360 nm. That equals sailing around the globe just short of 3 times around. Enjoy!

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