“Dear Mr. Baronit,

In September, 2015 I flew from Maryland, U.S.A. to Victoria, B.C. to walk through, evaluate and complete a sea trial test of a 36′ Corsair trimaran, called “Madness.” Upon  my arrival I was met by the broker, Mr. Michael Carkeek, who was kind enough to pick me up, give me a short introduction to the area and deliver me to the hotel. The following morning I spent several hours evaluating the boat, which presented itself beautifully, The next day I joined Mr. Carkeek and the owner for an extremely enjoyable sea trial that led to an offer, purchase and arrangement for delivery.

This was when we first encountered difficulties. We believed the transport would be easy on the vessel’s trailer: what we didn’t know was that the shipper’s rig was not suitable. This led to weeks of excuses, inappropriate emails full of name calling and bullying on the shipper’s part, with Mr. Carkeek attempting to keep things calm and get the vessel delivered. Finally this was arranged with another shipper, however payment had already been made to the first shipper, and it seemed we’d never see our funds again. After many attempts by Mr. Carkeek, and then your own intervention we recouped most of our funds, and have our vessel here safe and sound.

I would like to thank you for your efforts, and mention that Mr. Carkeek earned my respect and gratitude for what was (mostly!) a wonderful experience. He did not abandon us after the sale, and went the extra mile to make things happen. His efforts made this an enjoyable purchase instead of a nightmare. We will be eternally grateful, and I will continue to speak highly of him and Yacht Sales West on the sailing and multihull forums to which I belong.”

— Lee

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