The Dufour 310 Grand Large embodies the lifestyle that Dufour has infused into its projects over the last 50 years: it is fast, well-balanced, comfortable and easy to steer, even for a single handed purpose.

The idea behind this project was to create a small boat with all the technology, iconic style and comfort of the bigger and luxurious Grand Large models. The result? A boat with great personality characterized by excellent performance, maximum ease of handling and the timeless elegance of a Dufour Yacht.

Technical specifications

Overall length

9.67 m

Waterline length

8.70 m

Hull length

9.35 m

Max beam

3.31 m

Light displacement

4900 kg


1.90 m (1.60 m opt.)

Keel weight

1330 kg

Fuel tank capacity

90 L

Water tank capacity

160 L

Engine power

19 cv

Sail area

50.4 m²


33.5 m²


16.8 m²