CRUISING WORLD’S BEST BOAT WINNER for 2015. The Dufour 560 Grand Large flagship sets the highest standards when it comes to aesthetic appeal. The yacht exudes modern elegance, luxury and dynamism with its sweeping lines and uniquely DUFOUR top fixed hatch, with angled corners and horizontal sleek side windows, the 560GL delivers a striking visual statement.

Very balanced hull shape with powerful aft sections; low wetted surface area and a very effective set of appendages. The high ballast ratio and increased form stability of the hull enables the boat to support a powerful sail plan without sacrificing cruising comfort and safety.

Technical specifications

Overall length

56′ 2″

Max beam

16′ 6″


38856 lbs


8′ 2″

Fuel tank capacity

132 gallons

Water tank capacity

192 gallons

Engine power

110 hp

Sail area

1643 sq. ft.